Youth Ministry Team
Leader: William Woody

Summer Youth Camp
August 14-18

$135 per camper
Fir Point Bible Camp
Glendale, OR

More information will be posted here.



Children and Youth Ministry Team

Check out the Calendar and Announcements for information regarding the events for this ministry


Children/Youth Ministry Team Job Description

A. The Youth/Children's Ministry Team shall be comprised of volunteers from active SBA church members. With a passion for Youth and or Children's Ministries. (This is an area you must be passionate about and called to.)

B. Youth/Children's Ministry Team Members shall demonstrate a spirit and passion for the responsibilities they have chosen to share. (Helping and Supporting each church with idea's and prayer.)

C. The team will seek to identify areas that will benefit association Youth and Children spiritual growth, and plan age appropriate activities for each group.

D. The team will plan and promote activities via associational and church leadership personnel. (These will be age appropriate and will for the most part not be blended.)

E. The team will carry out these functions in a timely, orderly and prayerful manner. Meeting as needed to fulfill the task at hand.

F. The team will be mindful always of God's call to serve all and serve well, not doing what will please one, but what will benefit, bless and edify many and build not only our programs, churches, ministries and association but also God's kingdom.

   May 2019