Fellowship Team
Leader: Brandie Woody

Fellowship Team Upcoming Activites: 

Contact Brandie Woody in regards to these events:  541-226-9612




 5th Sunday "Memorial Day" Sing
and Potluck

May 29, 2016
Time:  5:00 BBQ potluck
(Bring Side Dishes and Desserts!)
6:00 Sing
Living Hope Church
2722 Springbrook Rd
Medford, OR  97504




Fellowship Team


 The Team & Their Function

 The team shall be comprised of volunteers from active SBA church members.

 Fellowship Team Members shall demonstrate a spirit and passion for the responsibilities they have chosen to share.

 The team will seek to identify areas that will benefit association health and fellowship.

 The team will plan & promote activities via associational & church leadership personnel.

 The team will carry out these functions in a timely, orderly and prayerful manner, meeting as needed to fulfill the task at hand.

 The team will be mindful always of God’s call to serve all and serve well... not doing what will please one but what will benefit, bless and edify many and build not only our churches and association but also God’s kingdom.

 Furthermore, one member of the team will serve on the SBA Finance Committee.

 Team Leader - Job Description

 The fellowship team will nominate a team leader  who will then be approved by the association at the Annual Meeting.

 In the event of a vacancy the fellowship team may appoint an interim Team Leader.

 The team leader coordinates the agenda for regular team meetings, facilitates the work of the team & cooperates with the other team leaders & pastors to accomplish their ministry. They are also responsible for communicating with the association office with ongoing projects and required reports.

Relationship to the Association

 We will perform our duties mindful of the task & financial responsibilities given.

 We will keep in contact with the associational leadership about what is being planned.

 We will send promotional items for events to our associational administrator for distribution to the churches as needed.

 We will give an account at the end of each event: attendance, success of the event, financial expenditures and any other pertinent information.


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